Digital Defense

What You Should Know About Protecting Your Company’s Assets
Harvard Business School Press, 2003.

Digital Defense introduces a holistic approach to developing a corporate cybersecurity strategy that aligns cybersecurity activities with a company’s overall mission. One of the methods to accomplish this is requiring that every cybersecurity technology choice is linked to the specific business activities it protects. The book provides a common language for business managers and cybersecurity staff to collaborate and introduces a practical process for exploring how security technologies can facilitate innovative business opportunities.


"A balanced and detailed assessment of why information security is such a critical priority and concisely lays out practical steps toward better protecting your assets. This book is compelling for the general reader and the IT specialist alike."

Karen Sutter

U.S.-China Business Council

"Digital Defense is an important book with a powerful message on information security issues. Non-technical executives, whose  organizations are increasingly dependent on information systems, would do well to read this book."

Seymour E. Goodman

Georgia Institute of Technology

"Explains the need to tie security to business objectives and organizational missions. Unlike any other book in the market, Digital Defense guides readers through security valuation and introduces a trust framework companies can follow to ensure that organization and partner assets are protected."

Daryl F. Eckard

Electronic Data Systems

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