Advisory services

Our mission is to equip boards of directors and executive leadership to confront their companies’ cyber threats. We believe that moving the central focus of cybersecurity from computers and their vulnerabilities to critical business operations and their risks is the only way to prevail. This change in perspective enables company leadership to have a meaningful voice in protecting their companies and addressing the organizational, cultural and economic factors upon which successful cyber defenses depend, and to which technologies can’t contribute. It further provides these leaders with the visibility and influence they need to fulfill the cybersecurity responsibilities they already carry. For decades we have used this perspective to assist multinational corporations in over forty countries protect their businesses and the interests of their stakeholders.

Cyber risk management

Confront your cyber threats.

The ongoing management of cyber risks is the most important cybersecurity responsibility facing companies and their leaders. Our approach starts by looking at a company’s most critical corporate activities. Then we examine the types of risk each of these activities face, and how cyberattacks could cause these risks to materialize. From this starting point, we help corporate leaders and technologists prioritize the collection of controls needed to manage and reduce the most significant business risks.

Cyber crisis preparation

Prepare to lead.

While predicting the timing of a cyberattack is difficult, knowing how to prepare for a cyber crisis is not. Our risk management process enables corporate leaders to foresee the types of damage likely cyberattacks can inflict on their company and stakeholders so they are in a position to determine their course of action and make the necessary preparations. It further informs cybersecurity teams on the staffing, training and tools they will need to respond.

Cybersecurity governance

Arm your organization.

Boards and senior executives need a cohesive, practical and concrete framework to guide cybersecurity governance throughout their companies. We build this by analyzing existing and planned cybersecurity activities and investments, which leads to identifying practical steps to improve the ability to understand, manage and oversee cyber risk. By applying the levers of organizational structure, process and culture, corporate leadership can substantially improve the overall effectiveness of their company’s cybersecurity activities.