Advisory services

We provide boards of directors with the tools, insights, and support to oversee company-wide efforts to understand and prevail over cyber threats. Our approach focuses on giving you the visibility and influence needed to ensure your company is addressing the dynamics of successful cyber defense —organizational, cultural, and economic. Our services encompass the responsibilities of the board as a whole, as well as those of individual committees and directors, and are customized to meet the specific circumstances, issues, and risks your company faces.

Put Digital Stewardship into action

Foundations of Cybersecurity Oversight

Technical complexity, novelty, or the dynamic nature of cyber risk should not be a barrier to effective board oversight. Our Digital Stewardship framework includes practical tools and guidance you can use immediately to oversee cyber risk management, corporate cyber capabilities, and crisis preparedness. It provides the basis for constructive engagement with executive and cybersecurity leadership and addresses what you need to know about cybersecurity — and what you don’t — to fulfill your leadership responsibilities.

Confidently safeguard stakeholder interests within the framework of your existing oversight responsibilities.

Implement effective cyber governance  

Cybersecurity Governance

Even the most powerful cybersecurity technologies can do little to protect your company in the absence of suitable governance. We examine how your company’s current governance practices provide a framework for effective cyber risk management. This includes processes for identifying and prioritizing cyber risks and the alignment of cyber risk management investment with corporate strategy and risk tolerances. It further addresses organizational dynamics such as the allocation of cybersecurity responsibilities.

See how sound governance can reduce your company’s cyber risks without any additional investment in cybersecurity technologies or services.

Validate your company’s cyber resilience

Independent Assurance

Trusted, independent assurance is an integral part of corporate governance and risk management. We compliment board oversight in areas that call for specialized, technical expertise. These include, among others, assessing the suitability and effectiveness of cyber controls and evaluation of corporate capabilities, such as cyber incident response and the capacity to anticipate new cyber risks. We further provide unbiased review and interpretation of technical risk and maturity assessments.

Get independent assurance and transparent visibility into cybersecurity operations so you have confidence cyber investments are effectively protecting your company 
now and in the future.